DeLonghi DBM450 Bread Maker Machine – Full Review

DeLonghi DBM450 Bread Maker Machine – Full Review

DeLonghi DBM450 Bread Maker

I was extremely excited to try the DeLonghi bread maker, as the company has an outstanding reputation for building high-quality appliances. I haven’t been disappointed by this machine, although there are just a few minor things that DeLonghi might consider improving in the next version, simply to make the user experience a little easier. This being said, if you can read instructions, you can figure out how the DeLonghi bread maker works. And once you taste your first loaf, you’re likely to be hooked.

With its dark glass lid and beautiful stainless steel exterior, this bread machine has many others beat in the looks department. It’s clearly meant to “live” on the countertop, although its size makes it easy to put away in a cabinet if you prefer. The smooth top and sides make for easy cleanup with just a few wipes. Inside, a non-stick baking chamber with a non-stick blade makes bread removal and the inevitable task of washing up a complete snap.

With 15 preprogrammed menu options plus five others you can program to suit your own recipes, the DeLonghi DBM450 bread maker offers outstanding versatility. Make white bread for classic sandwiches, or create a wonderful whole-grain loaf to accompany a rustic stew. Thrill your family with homemade pizza or whimsically shaped dinner rolls by selecting the dough setting and baking items in the oven. This works for artisanal loaves too – and in the event you want to add special ingredients like nuts, seeds, or dried fruit, an automatic dispenser adds up to 4.5 ounces at just the right time.

Besides the programming options for breads, dough, cakes, and even jam, you can select your desired crust color (light, medium, or dark) and you have the option to make a 1, 1.5, or 2-pound loaf.

An interior light lets you check up on the bread making process without disrupting the machine’s cycle or releasing any heat from the chamber. This adds a touch of fun, especially if you have kids who are curious about how bread making works!

Like many other bread machines, the DeLonghi bread maker has a rapid bake function. This setting lets you make a loaf of bread in just 58 minutes, from start to finish. This bread does lack some of the flavor nuances of a loaf made with the longer programs, but that’s something that happens across the board, whether you use a different bread machine with a rapid program or make bread the old-fashioned way using instant yeast. This bread tastes wonderful when it’s fresh though, and it’s so much better than commercial breads.

These are just a few highlights. Read on for more details about the pros and cons that come with owning the DeLonghi DBM450 bread maker.


Three Loaf Sizes

Whether you’re serving just a couple of people or a larger group, you’ll find that satisfying hunger is easy with the DeLonghi bread maker, thanks to its ability to deliver three different loaf sizes: 1-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound loaves make it easy to bake just the right amount of bread.


Three Crust Shade Options

DeLonghi DBM450 Bread Maker-3

Many of the best bread machines on the market give you some crust color options, and the DeLonghi bread maker is no different. You can select from light, medium, or dark crust settings to give your bread the appearance, flavor, and texture you like best.


Automatic Keep Warm Cycle

Thanks to a an automatic keep warm cycle, you can wait for up to one hour to remove bread from the machine so that it is hot and ready to eat when you are. You can deactivate the cycle if you don’t need it or want to use it; just turn off the machine.

Fifteen Pre-programmed Menu Settings to Choose From

Like many of the best bread machines, the DeLonghi DBM450 offers several preset menu choices that are specifically designed to work with different kinds of bread that require special handling. Bread, cake, dough you can shape and bake outside the machine, and jam are all on the menu. It would be great if menu options were printed on the machine somewhere, however DeLonghi opted to attach a little booklet to the breadmaker instead. It’s one of the few things I find a little odd about this machine, however it does the trick. Specific options include:

  • Basic– makes a wonderful loaf of basic white bread
  • White rapid – mixes up a loaf of your favorite white bread quickly, reducing the white bread cycle by about 25 minutes
  • Whole Wheat – designed to handle heavier wheat and whole grain flours, and includes a 30 minute preheat cycle
  • Whole wheat rapid – for lighter wheat flours and breads with that combine mixed whole grain and white flours; includes a shorter 5 minute preheat cycle
  • French – Suitable for loaves with low fat / sugar content; produces a crisp crust
  • Sweet– meant for breads with higher sugar content than standard recipes
  • Quick bread – For non-yeast breads that use baking soda or baking powder; works with mixes that produce 2-lb. or smaller loaves.
  • Cake – works with recipes and cake mixes that produce 1-lb. finished product
  • Gluten-free – Makes 1-lb. gluten free loaves from recipes and mixes
  • Dough – Mixes dough so you can shape and bake rolls or special breads
  • Artisan dough – Provides longer cycle for artisanal breads
  • Jam – Makes fresh jam you can serve alongside your fresh bread or refrigerate / freeze for later enjoyment
  • Pizza dough – specifically for pizza dough recipes
  • Bake – Make a variety of items or re-warm bread
  • Rapid bake – Produces bread in a little under an hour; recipes call for warm water, more yeast, and less salt

Delay Timer

If you’re frequently busy but want to enjoy freshly baked bread anyway, look no further. The delay timer lets you set up the bread machine and decide when the bread making process begins. The timer can be set up to 15 hours in advance. It would be nice if this worked with the rapid bake functions, however it does not. I can’t blame this on the company, however. Rapid-rise yeast, gluten-free flours, and baking powder / baking soda all begin to work as soon as they are added to a recipe. Leaving them alone for hours would ruin the finished product.


Favorite Program

This setting lets you create and store up to five of your favorite programs, which is nice especially if you have some recipes that you like to use frequently. The user manual outlines the process for creating your own program. While it’s not exactly rocket science, it does require several steps and strict attention to detail. Once you’ve created the settings though, all you have to do is plug in and switch on the bread maker, then press the “Favorite” button and select the program you created. It’s a good idea to keep some notes about the settings you created, since all you’ll see on the machine is the letter P and a number between 1 and 5, e.g. “P1”.


Detachable Lid

I’ve come across only a few bread makers with detachable lids, and the DeLonghi is one of them. The glass lid detaches completely, and can be washed in warm, soapy water. It is not dishwasher safe.


Recipes Included

Like many bread makers, the DeLonghi DBM450 comes with some recipes, plus a guide to different types of flours, sweeteners, fats, oils, and liquids to include in the breads you make. If you plan to use the recipes that come with the machine, be sure that you have a kitchen scale on hand as dry ingredients are weighed, not measured. I made the mistake of trying to save time by measuring the dry ingredients in the liquid measure cup (even though I knew what would happen!) and as I guessed they would, my loaves came out too dense and looking pretty flat. It would be fantastic if DeLonghi would include some actual measurements for the dry ingredients instead of just listing a weight, however you can get around this by using recipes from other sources, or by trying some of the bread mixes available at supermarkets and online. Just be sure to select the right yield when setting up the machine!


“Is the loaf vertical or horizontal?”

The DeLonghi bread maker has a vertical pan, so loaves are taller than they are long.

“Is the bread pan stainless steel or nonstick?”

The pan is non-stick.

“Can I add chocolate chips or cheese to my bread?”

Yes! You can add all kinds of things to your bread dough. The user manual lists which things can go into the automatic dispenser, and which ones you need to add when the beeper sounds. Since chocolate chips and cheese can melt, they need to be added manually.

“How long does the rapid baking cycle take?”

The rapid bake cycle takes 58 minutes.

“Is there a separate recipe book, or are the recipes in the user manual?”

The recipes are inside the user manual, toward the back.

“Can you make gluten free items with settings other than the special gluten-free one, i.e. pizza dough?”

You can experiment with gluten-free recipes on any of the settings and see how they turn out. If you’re using a mix, be sure to follow the instructions. Remember you can also create personalized settings that might work better than some of the pre-set ones.

“Does this bread maker make sourdough bread?”

Yes, you can make sourdough bread using a mix or a recipe. If you like San Francisco sourdough with a crackly crust, you should mix it using the dough setting and then bake it in your oven to ensure that you get the results you want.

“Does the DeLonghi bread maker come with a warranty?”

This bread maker comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Make sure you read all the material that comes with it to ensure that you are able to use the warranty if you need to!


DeLonghi DBM450 Bread Maker-1

The DeLonghi DBM450 bread maker does have a few operational quirks, i.e. you have to do a little reading before you start, and if you want to use the recipes from the user manual, you need to weigh the dry ingredients instead of measuring them. Both of these issues seem to be designed to help users get better bread, which I can’t fault the manufacturer for! And, once you learn how the machine works and familiarize yourself with it, you are likely to appreciate these nuances. Each of the pre-set menu options delivers fantastic results, and although it took me a little time to program my own favorites, I really like what this machine can do. The removable lid is a nice addition, and that’s a big plus in my book; this feature is one that it seems every bread maker should have, since keeping the little crevice where the hinge connects to the machine body can be a real challenge. The inner light is also a nice touch. I’ve tried machines that I couldn’t really see into, and the light helps to prevent me from giving in to the temptation to open the lid and risk wrecking my recipe. Noise level is similar to other machines, and the automatic dispenser is a really nice touch. The bread maker has a wonderfully attractive appearance that complements almost any kitchen, and its smooth, stainless steel cabinet is easy to clean. Overall, this is one of the nicer bread machines I’ve tried. You can find the DeLonghi DBM450 bread maker for sale at online retailers including Amazon.

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DeLonghi DBM450 Bread Maker Machine – Full Review
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