Breadman BK2000B Bread Maker – Full Review

Breadman BK2000B Bread Maker – Full Review

Breadman BK2000B Bread Maker

If you love everything about gourmet bread but lack the time and/or desire to work hard to make it, then the Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro bread maker may be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed to allow home bakers to exercise maximum creativity in the kitchen, this bread machine offers a number of exciting features, including the option to bake two different loaves of bread at once.

While it’s true that this model costs more than a bare-bones basic one, there’s a lot in the box! You get a single large loaf pan, two smaller loaf pans, a cool collapsible measuring cup and an adjustable measuring spoon, plus the bread maker itself, which is packed with so many features that you’ll find yourself trying new things as often as possible. If you’re new to bread making, never fear: the user manual is one of the best I’ve seen, with detailed instructions for placing ingredients in the bread pan(s). The manual includes 80 different recipes, however don’t feel like you have to stick to these, as the Breadman Bakery Pro works well with a variety of recipes from other sources as well as mixes designed for use with bread machines.

An automatic fruit and nut dispenser makes it simple and convenient to add excitement to your bread; while its name indicates that it’s just for adding a couple of things, it is great for add-ins ranging from rich cheddar cheese to healthy sprouts! You can let your imagination be your guide, and the dispenser will ensure that your extras are incorporated at the correct time, resulting in tasty breads that rise perfectly.

Many manufacturers are offering built-in time delays on bread machines, and this one includes a 15-hour time delay feature that lets you add ingredients whenever it’s convenient and then decide when your bread should be ready, according to your plans for the day. In addition, the Breadman Bakery Pro includes a keep warm feature that gently holds heat inside your finished loaves for up to an hour after the baking cycle has come to completion.

A user-friendly bread maker with intuitive controls, the Breadman Baker Pro lets you make a wide variety of baked goods, plus it has a special setting you can use to make jam to spread on your homemade bread! Whether you decide to let the machine do all the work, or if you’d like to have it mix your dough before you shape it and bake it separately, you’ll find that it delivers.

The BK2000B lets you choose between three different crust shades, so your bread looks and tastes the way you like it. In addition, allows you to decide how much bread you want to make at once. You can prepare as little as a single 1-lb loaf or as much as a single large 2-1/2-pound loaf. You also have the option of baking two separate loaves of bread, which is great for menu planning. It’s also a nice feature for anyone who likes to share with friends, family, or neighbors; you can make one loaf of bread for yourself and give one away.

Sturdy blades provide even mixing, and collapse before baking so that your finished loaves emerges with minimal markings on their bottoms. A viewing window lets you watch the bread making process as it progresses.

These are just a few highlights. Read on for more details about the pros and cons that come with owning the Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro bread maker.

Nonstick Baking Pans and Mixing Paddles assure Easy Cleanup

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The pans that come with the Breadman BK2000B feature a nonstick coating, which ensures that loaves slide right out once they’re baked, and which really helps make cleanup quick and easy. The collapsible paddles remove for cleaning, so everything stays perfectly sanitary. The lid is also designed to be removed, so you can keep the exterior clean and tidy.


Time Delay

Most popular bread makers are equipped with a time delay feature, and the Breadman Bakery Pro is no exception. With a timer you can set as far as 15 hours in advance, it lets you make fresh baked bread any time you please, no matter how busy your schedule. Once you are used to the process of making bread with the BK2000B, you’ll find it takes just a few minutes to toss ingredients into place and select the desired program.


Collapsible Mixing Blades

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While I don’t mind the holes that other bread makers leave behind in baked loaves, it’s understandable that they bother some others. The breadman BK2000B features blades that automatically collapse after the mixing cycle comes to completion, leaving your loaves with only minor indentations in their bottoms. In reading what others had to say about this feature, most people liked it; others complained that the blades sometimes get stuck in the loaves. If this happens, it’s because you’re making a thick bread. If the blades are baked into place, as happened to me once when a walnut got stuck underneath, all you have to do is pour some warm water into the pan after removing the bread (and after the pan has cooled.) Leave the water in place for about 30 minutes and everything should be easy to wipe away so the blade folds and detaches as it normally would.

Exciting Menu Settings

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From banana bread to gluten-free loaves, the Breadman BK2000B lets you make an entire bakery’s worth of mouthwatering recipes. Even jams are included in the recipe book, and you can also go out on a limb and make chutneys, if you like. There are 14 baking functions in all, and you’ll find complete directions for using each of them inside the instruction manual. The Bakery Pro’s menu options include:

  • White – good for making regular white bread for sandwiches or to accompany a meal
  • Rapid White – perfect for making white bread with rapid-rise yeast
  • Whole Wheat – nice for making whole wheat and other whole grain breads, i.e. oat or multigrain
  • Rapid Whole Wheat – good for making whole grain breads with rapid-rise yeast
  • French – makes perfect French bread with a crispy crust
  • Sweet – for breads that use more sugar than the average loaf
  • Rapid Sweet – makes sweet breads using rapid-rise yeast
  • Gluten-Free – automatically makes the adjustments needed for handling gluten-free ingredients, resulting doughs that rise well and in nice, evenly-textured breads
  • Quick Bread – for breads that don’t call for yeast; i.e. zucchini, pumpkin, apple, or Irish soda bread
  • Dough Only – mix and proof dough for pizza, rolls, or artisanal loaves
  • Low Carb – for use with alternative, low-carb flours such as almond or coconut
  • Jam – Makes wonderful jam from a variety of fruits. Once jam is cooked, you can keep it fresh by storing any extra in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Bake only – Mix your dough outside the machine, then pop it in and allow the bread maker to do the baking

Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispenser

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Many bread recipes call for add-ins like fruits, nuts, herbs, cheese, seeds, sprouted grains, and other goodies that add flavor, nutrition, and excitement to baked goods. Like a few other top bread machines, the Breadman BK2000B incorporates this feature, which dispenses ingredients at the right time without any added work on your part.


Three Crust Shade Options

Choose from light, medium, or dark settings for a crust that suits your taste. Each setting results in attractive, evenly colored finished results, and more important, in delicious flavor.


Multiple Loaf Options

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You can make small or large loaves inside the Breadman. The smallest size is 1 pound, and you can choose whether to make two 1-pound loaves or just a single one. Next is 1.5 pounds, then 2 pounds, and then 2.5 pounds. If you decide to make two loaves of bread at once, you can opt to make two different flavors, or you can just make both loaves the same.


Attractive Design

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The Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro looks great on the countertop, with its smooth black and silver cabinet and low-profile controls. It’s easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth and a little bit of all-purpose spray.


“Does this bread maker have a yeast dispenser?”

No, you place the yeast in with the rest of the ingredients. Be sure to follow the process outlined in the accompanying user’s manual to get the best results.

“Can I use the time delay feature with the dough cycle, or does it only work with the baking cycles?”

Yes! Just be sure that you’re using non-perishable ingredients if you decide to do this. If your bread dough recipe calls for things like eggs, cheese, milk, or meat, then it’s best to run the dough cycle at the time you plan to make the bread.

“Is there a preheat cycle?”

No, and I think that’s by design. The baking chamber is small and very well insulated, so it heats up very quickly. If you’re doing the bake only cycle, all you have to do is put the dough into the pan(s) and activate the button.

“Is an instructional DVD included?”

No, not at this time. The user manual is extensive though, and the recipes are easy to follow. There are also a lot of hints and tips inside the manual.

“Are the pans / paddles / detachable lid dishwasher safe?”

No; in fact, you shouldn’t even immerse them in water. You can wash the exterior of the pans in hot soapy water, and you can fill them with water as well. As for the lid, it contains sensitive electronics that will be ruined if you soak it or put it in the dishwasher. Just wipe it clean, using the instructions in the manual.

“Is the crust evenly baked when the bread comes out of the pan, or is it really thick and dry?”

Yes, the crust is delicious. If you are using a recipe not included in the accompanying book, then keep an eye on the baking time to make sure that the crust comes out how you want it to.

“Can I make pull-apart rolls (i.e. monkey bread, etc.) using this bread machine?”

Yes! Just mix the dough using the dough only cycle, then remove it from the machine, shape the little balls and add butter, cinnamon, sugar, etc. to them. Put them into the baking pan and use the bake cycle to finish the job. Note that you might have to unplug the machine between cycles to get the paddles to collapse.

“Does this bread maker work bread mixes from the supermarket?”

Yes, it works well with a variety of bread mixes. You might need to watch the baking time the first time you make a certain mix, just to ensure that your bread turns out right.


The Breadman BK2000B is a moderately priced bread machine with a number of desirable features, including dual pans that let you make more than one recipe at a time. It performs as the manufacturer promises, and every recipe that I’ve tried has come out tasting and looking fantastic. While some other reviewers state that they encountered issues with this machine, I did not have any trouble with it. This being said, the Breadman Bakery Pro comes with a 2-year warranty, and other users report that the company has been responsive when addressing performance issues. Attractive, highly functional, and convenient, this bread maker serves up convenience and variety, and it’s very easy to use. You can find the Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro bread maker for sale at online retailers including Amazon.

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Breadman BK2000B Bread Maker – Full Review
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